Export Enquiries

What can Fruit King export to me?

Most lines of fruit and vegetables depending on seasons and conditions from importing country.

How much does freight cost?

Purchase price plus treatment,  AQIS charges and freight. Our quotes will include details of those costs.

Who pays the freight?

Prices can include freight or these costs can be paid on arrival.

What is a freight forward company?

A company who organises space on planes or ships or who prepares the documentation.

When does Fruit King expect to be paid?

Arrangements vary - normally pre-payment and/or letter of credit.

What do I need to supply Fruit King with?

All relevant information from importing country as well as full description of products needed.

How do I get an import permit?

From the Quarantine Office of the importing country.

How do I get a Phyto?

The exporter arranges this (ie Fruit King)

Which is cheaper - air or sea?

Sea freight is generally cheaper - suiting hardier fresh produce lines. Highly perishable lines, like strawberries and mushrooms, should be airfreighted.

How do I receive goods?

The consignment should be collected ASAP after clearance by Customs and Quarantine.

How much do I need to order?

Any size order can be filled by Fruit King Wholesalers, but small amounts are not cost effective.

How often can I order?

As often as a shipping or air service is available.

What type of treatment may fresh produce need to have?

Fruit : Cold storage or post harvest dip

Vegetables: Fumigation or post harvest dip

Who pays for treatment?

Treatment costs are included in the overall costs

Does treatment effect the goods?

Generally not. Some leafy vegetables will be affected by fumigation - reducing their shelf life.